Buffalo Comets

by Man Meets Bear


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“Everytime I hear Soren’s music, I think of stumbling upon a home movie he has made over the past years of his travels in North America, Japan, and Eastern Europe. It somehow reminded me of the feeling you get when you look through your old photos, some makes you laugh hysterically, some makes you cry, or both.” - Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches)

"Take a slice of Sparklehorse, Palace Music and a decent helping of indie savvy, add some Neil Young guitar squall (when things get going) and top it off with the simply great voice of Soren Brothers; it’s an equally enchanting and loud experience of the best indie-folk-rock you’re likely to find anywhere." Barry Cliffe (Kranky Booking/Blitzgigs.de)

“Soren plays fractured folk songs that are heavy on atmosphere, backing textures. He writes melodies that move amongst the people, but even during the most beautiful moments, Dream BC is not an escape or retreat.” (Herohill Music Blog)


released 07 June 2014

released 03 February 2014
Keyboards by Experimental Housewife
Drums and bass by David Dunnett
Vocals, guitars, and other stuff by Soren Little Brothers

All songs by Man meets Bear, except "Spores of His Mind", by Snail Hunter of the Platinum Funz.

Mastered by James Plotkin



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